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The advantages of SaaS for your quality control software

  • July 21, 2022

For several years, more and more individuals and companies have preferred to pay for the use of a service or good rather than owning it. This concerns all sectors of activity: video or music streaming platforms, scooter or car rental services, or even the use of service companies to manage the cleaning of premises or the security of buildings. IT is no exception to the rule. This is known as SaaS (Software as a Service) management. The interest is to no longer have to invest in an expensive IT solution but to simply subscribe to a software and pay only for its effective use.

SaaS advantages are numerous and apply to quality control software, whether in terms of cost, evolution, accessibility or security.

Les avantages du SaaS





Usage vs Immobilization


The first of the advantages of a SaaS software to manage your quality control concerns the impact on the company’s finances.

Indeed, developing or installing your own IT system is extremely costly and consumes a lot of financial resources. With SaaS, you don’t have to invest in your software anymore and can focus your resources on more strategic investments. This is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies whose financial capacities may be limited. In SaaS mode, the software is a regular expense and no longer a capital asset.

Indeed, you simply pay an annual or monthly subscription. This means that the IT cost is smoothed over the period of use. Above all, the amount of your subscription depends on your needs and the number of users. Your business is growing and you need to add more users? Your SaaS subscription adjusts automatically. This flexibility allows you to pay only for the resources you consume, which can be very advantageous.

With CIKLab, we go even further. You decide when you want to pay your subscription. In fact, you determine the duration of your trial period to ensure that CIKLab meets your expectations and your needs. Your subscription only starts when you are convinced that CIKLab can simplify your daily life.


Evolutions and updates


With traditional software, each evolution is expensive and updates take time. On the contrary, your SaaS subscription includes both current usage and future evolutions. We take care of the updates directly. When you log in to your online space, you automatically access the latest version. You no longer have to worry about updates and compatibility problems between different software versions and multiple workstations and users.

Better still, as a user, you are a stakeholder in the development of CIKLab. You tell us about improvements and new features that would be useful to you to better manage your control plans and monitor your analyses. About every 6 weeks, you will see CIKLab evolve according to the feedback from the field. CIKLab is not developed for computer scientists, but by users.


Global accessibility and flexibility


With the development and generalization of teleworking, traditional software or solutions developed on spreadsheets show even more their limits. Indeed, these tools can only be used on a single computer, or possibly on condition of being connected to the company’s computer network.

On the contrary, the SaaS mode represents a guarantee of continuity, even remotely. In SaaS mode, you will be able to access your software from any computer and at any location, simply by having an Internet connection. The members of your quality team will be able to consult the data, follow the analyses and control the batches without constraints. This mobile accessibility adapts perfectly to new work habits and allows your teams to be more reactive.


Infrastructure and security


Using SaaS software is also a guarantee of security and integrity for your data. The first security consists in providing each user with a personalized access with rights that are specific and differentiated according to their responsibilities. Since access to the software and the database is secured and encrypted, it allows to trace modifications and limit unwanted interventions on the quality control system.

Automatically, the information entered in the system is recorded and the database is backed up daily and replicated in different data centers. This way, you no longer have to handle different versions of files or worry about manual backups.

Your data is stored on dedicated servers located in France and administered by a specialized service provider who guarantees a service rate of over 99%. Finally, these dedicated servers are less likely to fall victim to hacking than personal computers, which makes your data even more secure.

The advantages of SaaS are multiple, from accessibility to security, from cost reduction to ease of updates, it is therefore possible to have a real management software for control analysis more practical than current solutions. To learn more, please contact us directly.


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